mbk Black Friday Big Sale Event Start!!!

[mbk] mgr 11/18/2019 05:14:31 AM

*This event will continue until December 1st

*An additional 5% discount applies to all products

- Exmaples:

    >> Original price: 10,000 krw

    >> Sale price (not BF): 8,000 krw (20% off)

    >> BF Sale price: 8,000 krw (20% off) - 400 krw (additional 5% off) = 7,600 krw(total 24% off)

*The discount rate is not displayed for the requested product or for products that do not have a fixed price.

- In this case, The fee or sale price is displayed at a 5% discount.

*There is no exception product. Applies to all items (include request item, cool & clearance item)