[beware of customs duties] Customs duties on EMS shipping parcels to France

[mbk] mgr 08/15/2021 04:36:24 AM

The following is a notice from Korea Post:

ㅇ Target mail: EMS mail destined for France

ㅇ Status

  - Increased taxable mail for EMS mail to France (EU tax system applied on 21.7.1)

  - A surge in returned mail due to non-payment of tax/refusal of receipt, etc.

ㅇ Notice

   - Postal items subject to tax must be paid by the recipient upon delivery.

   - If you want redelivery, you must immediately request it to the French delivery company Chrono Post Customer Center (Tel: 09 69 391 391)

   - Required input of recipient's local mobile phone number

   - Tax payment method upon delivery: check book or cash (prepare the balance)

mbk is making every effort to avoid customs duties.

However, since the imposition of Customs duties is arbitrarily implemented by the Customs of each country, it cannot be completely avoided.

In case of return due to non-payment of customs duties, the customer is responsible for paying the re-shipping fee.

In case of cancellation, shipping cost will be deducted.

French customers are cautioned, and if the weight is small, please use the K-Packet.