Regarding the temporary suspension of all business to Russia and Belarus

[mbk] mgr 03/14/2022 07:50:08 AM

Dear customers,

Due to international sanctions against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, operations are suspended in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

This is a wide range of sanctions on finance as well as shipping, including the closure of VISA and Master cards.

As a result, MBK announces as follows:

1.  Delivery to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be suspended

2. Payments from customers in Russia and Belarus will be suspended. This is because the credit card company and the bank refuse to pay.

3. Refunds will be suspended for customers who have already paid.  Refunds cannot be made because the bank and credit card company reject it.

There is nothing wrong with our customers in Russia and Belarus, but there is nothing we can do about it due to international sanctions.

As soon as the international sanctions are over, we will immediately ship or refund according to the customer's request.

Best regards,

M.B.K. team