Innisfree x Dashing DIVA Magic Press 1set (#64~#66) thumb

Innisfree x Dashing DIVA Magic Press 1set (#64~#66)


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It is easy gel nail tip that beautiful art is completed if you push and paste even those who do not have dexterity.




How to use

* How to put

1. Use a wood stick or cuticle pusher to push out the cuticle at the end of the nail.

2. Use the built-in prep pad to remove water from the nails.

3. Choose a magic press of the right size for your nails. (1mm smaller than nails)

4. Remove the protective film from the back.

5. After sticking from the cuticle part, push it from the middle part.

6. Finish with a file or nail clipper as needed.

* How to remove

1. Make a gap with a wooden stick on the edge of the nail.

2. Remove the magic press from the cuticle line by the acetone with a wooden stick.

3. After removal, finish with nail serum or nail essence.

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