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GOODAL Ampoule Mist 150ml


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Categories : Mist,Toner & Mist


#01_The rich polyvonoid of camellia flowers delivers gloss and moisture to the inside and outside of the skin for healthy and resilient skin. 

        [Oil type] Shake double layer oil to mix well before using.

#02_The rich nutrients of figs are gently absorbed into the skin to form a healthy moisturizing film and provide a deep moisturizing sensation on the skin. 

        [Milk type]

#03_Aloe, rich in moisture, moisturizes the skin and soothes sensitive skin comfortably.

        [Water type]

#04_Witch Hazel helps soothe the skin. It helps balance the skin's healthy oil and moisture. It helps clean and clean skin.

        [Water type]


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