Dashing Diva [Sailor Moon] Premium Gloss Gel Nail Strip - Luna thumb

Dashing Diva [Sailor Moon] Premium Gloss Gel Nail Strip - Luna


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How to use

When remove,

* Avoid contact with water for at least 30 minutes after attachment.

* When removing, it can be minimized by removing it with remover, oil or Magic Off & Care.

* If you have difficulty filing, you can cut easily with beauty scissors or nail clippers.

* NOTICE: If you have a disease in your hands or nails, do not do any nail art.

>> Gloss test (strip), high gloss (Korea Standard Test Laboratory)

>> Assessment of harmful substances (adhesive), not detected (Korea Standard Test Laboratory)

>> Clinical trial results show less nail damage compared to gel nail (Korea Institute of Clinical Science)

>> Clinical test results showed higher retention of adhesiveness compared to conventional nail sticker (Korea Institute of Dermatology)

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