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Ask for the Korean products you want to have. 11th street, Auction, G-market and department stores, etc. are also available for sale items.

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  • The requested product is added to the requested product list after a certain amount of commission is added.
  • The results of the request can be found on this board or on the request board of my page

Request from customers

Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher Pui mei Yeun May 31,2019
Dear. Pui mei Yeun [mbk] Request Jun 03,2019
Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Palette Pui mei Yeun May 29,2019
Dear. Pui mei Yeun [mbk] Request May 30,2019
Innisfree My eyeshadow [Two Tone] 2.2g Pui mei Yeun May 27,2019
Dear. Pui mei Yeun [mbk] Request May 28,2019
3cE mood for blossom Maria del Pino May 25,2019
Dear. Maria del Pino [mbk] Request May 27,2019
June order Jojo Huynh May 24,2019
Dear. Jojo Huynh [mbk] Request May 27,2019