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Dear. V C

[mbk] Request 01/31/2019 02:51:36 AM

Thanks for your request.

Please see the link below:


However, 2nd link is only cushion items. It is single delibvery for each option because their huge volume.

If you order them, we'll put 4 cuhions into 1 box. The packaging box is big, too. It's weight is big (over 1 kg).


If the shipping fee is over than real weight & volume price, we'll refund the difference.


M.B.K. Request team.


-----Original Content-----

BT21 CHIMMY White Doll (12cm) x3

BT21 CHIMMY face doll key ring (10cm) x1

BT21 VAN cushion (30cm) x1

BT21 CHIMMY cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 TATA cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 RJ cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 COOKY cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 SHOOKY cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 MANG cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 KOYA cushion (30cm) x2

BT21 KOYA Cushion (42cm) x2